24th Writers are the Best Whingers 14
24th ball go fast 4
22nd I heart Peter Roebuck 10
21st One-Star Heaven 5
20th Wow 9
19th Atlantic City? No, thanks. (updated) 8
18th Amazingly Good News 3
17th Another late night post 1
16th Back in the US of A (briefly) 4
14th Teen Read Week 3
13th Cactusland 2
11th hummingbird or hoax? 7
7th We Writes 9
5th Little Gift 3


26th Cake, Champagne, Pamplonada 3
26th Exercises in Futility 6
23rd This is writ ironical 10
21st San Miguel: End of Day 6 5
21st Apologies 0
18th San Miguel: End of Day 3 5
12th So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight . . . 5
12th I Declare a Day of Mourning 30
12th While there’s Warne and McGrath there’s hope 76
11th OMG! Elizabeth Knox read my blog! 4
11th Things I Hate Writing (Updated) 5
11th You Must Listen to This 0
9th I don’t believe it! 15
8th Yay Shane Warne!!! 19
8th How long does it take to write a novel? 5
8th Silences 16
5th Thinking about something else, anything else 4
3rd Eyewitness accounts 0
2nd Garlic and Sapphires 2
1st The Gulf 8


31st Tipping 8
31st Clarification (Updated) 4
30th Translating Magic or Madness (updated) 17
29th Some Questions for Those Who Have Read Magic or Madness (Updated) 11
28th Today is Magic or Madness Day in Australia 6
28th I’ll raise my eeek to an aarrghh!!! 32
27th Eeeek! 9
26th Discouraging the Bad Writers 18
25th Australian Writing—sucky or not? (Updated) 5
24th Bludge Day 10
23rd Safe Reading 8
22nd Peeps! Peeps! Peeps! Peeps! Peeps! 5
22nd I Successfully Predict the Future 5
20th Knowing the Publishing Industry 2
20th Definitions (updated) 2
19th Query Letters 4