In addition to the US edition, the adventures of Reason, Tom and Jay-Tee (listed in order of their first appearance, not of how much I like them) were also available in the countries listed below. All sales (except the Australian) were made by the fabulous Whitney Lee of The Fielding Agency. If you have rights inquiry to make about the trilogy contact Whitney Lee.

Australia: The whole trilogy was published by Penguin Australia. Magic or Madness in 2005, Magic Lessons in 2006 and Magic’s Child in 2007. The covers were the same as the US editions except for Magic Lessons. Another difference was that the Australian edition of Magic or Madness had an afterword which no other editions has.

Brazil: The whole trilogy was sold to Editora Record. Magia ou Loucura was published in 2007 and Lições de Magia in 2008 and Filha da Magia in 2009.

France: Magic or Madness was published by Editions du Panama. The French name for the trilogy was Au-Dela De La Porte (Beyond The Door) and thefirst book was called: Dans Les Griffes De La Sorciere (In The Witch’s Claws).

Germany: The whole trilogy was published by Bertelsmann Jugendbuch Verlag in 2008 with a two-month gap between each book. It was called the Cansino-Trilogie. The first book was Magische Töchter, followed by Magische Spuren, and then Magische Verwandlungen.

Indonesia: The whole trilogy was sold to PT Gramedia.

Italy: Magic or Madness was published by Mondadori as the Sangue di Strega trilogy. Book one is La Rivelazione and book two is L’Iniziazione.

Japan: The whole trilogy was published by Hayakawa Shobo. Magic or Madness and Magic Lessons in 2008 and Magic’s Child in 2009.

Korea: The whole trilogy was bought by Chungeorahm Publishing.

Taiwan: Magic or Madness was published by Cheng Chung Books

Thailand: Magic or Madness was published in July 2008, Magic Lessons was published in November and Magic’s Child in March 2009. All by Amarin Printing and Publishing Company.

United States: In 2007 the Science Fiction Book Club did a three-in-one edition of the trilogy, The Magic of Reason.