1. Chris McLaren on #

    Does that prevent sunburn?

  2. Cheryl on #

    Shame you are in Mexico, you are missing some fine cricket. I didn’t think Mr. Gilchrist could stay quiet for long.

  3. parker on #

    do you really write sitting side by side like that?

  4. niki on #

    and those chairs are so unergonomic …

  5. Dave Schwartz on #

    Have you changed your hair/gotten a new tattoo/grown a third arm?

    You look different.

  6. Justine on #

    Chris: I reckon it must. Haven’t been sunburnt in, like, forever.

    Cheryl: it’s only one-day. Not the real thing at all. Plus, mate, Mexico!

    Parker: Yup. Except for when we don’t.

    Niki: Ergonomic schmergonomic.

    Dave: Dunno what you’re talking about.

  7. Dave Schwartz on #

    It was an invisible joke.

    Ergo, you can’t see the funny.

  8. rebecca skloot on #

    the first words out of my mouth when i saw that picture: “damn you!” i mean, look at where you’re writing! i’m in pittsburgh, in a sublet with almost no furniture, sitting on a mattress on the floor, computer in my lap, typing (talk about unergonomic) … definitely less beautiful than where you’re typing. maybe i need to go to mexico, maybe then i’ll write faster (yeah, right).

    one of these days, we’ll be in new york at the same time and we’ll be done with books and we’ll actually hang out. it’ll be grand.


  9. Justine on #

    Dave: invisible people have no sense of humour.

    Rebecca: It will happen! It will! And, really, San Miguel’s not all that beautiful . . .

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