So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight . . .

In a few short hours, we’re off to Mexico. First Mexico City, where I’ve never been before, and hope to have a wee spot of amusement, and then San Miguel de Allende where we will be checking into writers’ boot camp and churning out zillions a word of day while being whipped and fed nothing but gruel and water. But at the end of the horror, there will be two new Larbalestier and Westerfeld novels. So it’ll be worth it . . .

If I can escape and get somewhere internety, I’ll blog. If not, you’ll know that I’ll be writing the good write!

Wish me luck.


  1. shana on #

    have a fantastic time — we’ll all be looking forward to reading the results from both of you!

  2. Lauren McLaughlin on #

    Boy voyage! And sorry about the cricket. Apparently the whole series has sparked a renaissance in cricket love over here in the UK. Enjoy Mexico.

  3. jonathan on #

    good luck. hope boot camp is fun.

  4. jason erik lundberg on #

    bon chance and have fun! and be productive!

  5. parker on #

    i am so very envious of you both. may it be everything you wish for.

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