Team Zombie

Libba Bray has dated only zombies since high school.

Cassandra Clare was a non-practising zombie until anthology stress made her fall off the brains wagon.

Alaya Johnson has been a zombie lover ever since a pack of them took out all her high school enemies.

Maureen Johnson (also known as Subject M) can be subdued by being given her computer, whereupon she will spend hours typing out “brains brains brains brains” on twitter.

Carrie Ryan is the founder of the Southern Zombie Refuge and is still in possession of almost all her limbs.

Scott Westerfeld holds numerous patents in flamethrower technology and is the inventor of the zombie-proof cravat.

Team Unicorn

Meg Cabot has ridden in the unicorn rodeo since she was knee high to a grasshopper.

Kathleen Duey was brought up on a unicorn farm, but her lease currently allows her only one small housetrained unicorn.

Margo Lanagan likes unicorns even more than she likes bears, elephants, langur monkeys and naked mole rats.

Garth Nix distils frightful eau-de-vie from the tears of scorned unicorns.

Naomi Novik’s unprecendented career as a land pirate could not have been achieved without her unicorn-drawn pirate ship.

Diana Peterfreund has a doctorate in Unicorn Studies from Yale.