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Midas a 1999 AFTRS production, 35mm, Colour, 5m.
Director: Niki Bern; Scriptwriter: Justine Larbalestier; Producer: Isabel Perez.


Midas awards, sales & screenings:

2001: Canal Plus, Belgium; Canal Plus, Sweden; Canal Plus, Poland.

2000: Canal Plus, France
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA
Ronin Cinemas, screens Midas with Onegin, Canberra, Australia
Rencontre Internationales Henri Langlois – Poitiers, France
Transmediale International Media Art festival, Berlin, Germany
Australian Animation & Effects Festival, Sydney, Australia
Auburn International Film & Video Festival for Children & Young Adults, Sydney, Australia.

1999: Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, USA. 2nd place for best animation
Toronto Digital Image Festival, Canada
Women on Women (WOW) Film Festival, Australia; Melbourne Film Festival, Australia.

Radio script

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Aired on WGBH-FM 89.7 at 5pm, Sunday 4 February 2001
WNYC-FM 93.9 at 7:00 AM, Sunday 4 February 2001 and on more than 100 other radio stations around the USA.
“Breakups” won a 2002 Clarion Award for Regular Feature Program (Radio).


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