Blog Rules

  1. I’ll write about whatever I want. So there’ll be discusssion of books, cricket, movies, Elvis, basketball, tv and such. Opinions will be expressed, but rarely substantiated. There will be no lit crit. I was once an academic and my days of footnotes are far behind me. This is a blog! My blog! If I say so then it is so!
  2. Feel free to comment, but disagreement will not be brooked, unless, you know, it’s funny, or well written, or in some other way cool and interesting. Hmm, come to think of it the same rules apply to agreement. Have fun.

    If your comment disappears in a puff of smoke let me know. Most likely the spam filters ate it.

  3. Any comments that diss cricket, Elvis, Sydney, Christine Anu, Australia, Bring it On, Big Bill Broonzy, Georgette Heyer or Dawn Powell will be deleted, unless, they’re funny, or well written, or in some other way cool and interesting.
  4. I will strike through or delete comments if they offend me. You have been warned!
  5. Do not comment here purely to promote your books/movie/organisation/whatever. I count such comments as spam.
  6. If you stick more than two links into your comment it will wind up in the to-be-moderated queue, which I always forget to check. If your comment isn’t showing up for an hour or so, ping me—jl AT justinelarbalestier DOT com—and I’ll take a look.
  7. To combat bloody spammers I’ve turned comments off on all posts but the most recent.
  8. This blog was once completely free of capital letters. But on the ninth of January in the year two thousand and eight I got bored with it. No more is this the land of archy & mehitabel.