Q: Why on earth should I read yet another novel about vampires? I’m so over them!

A1: Because this is the One True Vampire Novel.

A2: Just kidding. Team Human is a satire. We totally make fun of vampires. You vampire haters will adore it.

Q: I love vampire novels but I’m worried that you and Sarah Rees Brennan are making fun of vampires in this book.

A: Totally untrue. Sarah and I adore vampires. We would never mock them. Except from a very loving place. Our book is perfect for vampire lovers. Just ask Maureen Johnson.


  1. Adalat on #

    Is this book going to be a series? Or just a stand-alone novel? 🙂

    Looking forward to reading it!

  2. Justine on #

    Adalat: Thank you! It’s just a stand-alone.

  3. Samantha on #

    I wish there was going to be a sequel for this book. It’s so amazing!!

  4. Justine on #

    Abigail: There is indeed an audiobook which was done by Random House. You can find it here.

    Samantha: I wish there was going to be a sequel for this book. It’s so amazing!!

    Thank you. We’re so pleased you liked it.

  5. sham mosher on #

    when will the kindle edition come out?

    • Justine on #

      There was a kindle edition but now that Team Human is out of print in the USA that edition is no longer available. Sorry!

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