List of Known Fairies

All boys will like you: Fiorenze’s fairy

Bacon: Ensures your bacon is always cooked just how you like it.

Bladder: You never need to go in the middle of a movie and when you do need to go there’s always a bathroom around.

Cat: All cats like you even if they bite or scratch everyone else

Charisma: A fairy that seems to mostly hang out with Ours; or maybe they become Ours because they have this fairy

Clean-clothes: No one will ever spill spaghetti on your white sweater again. Boring but useful.

Clothes shopping: Rochelle’s fairy. I am so jealous.

Dog: All dogs like you even if they bite or pee on everyone else

Ears like a fox: The existence of this fairy is only rumoured. Oddly enough only teachers and parents seem to have it.

Eyes in the back of the head: Another rumoured fairy, which is also possessed only by teachers and parents.

Footpath: Your guess is as good as mine

Good hair: This would also be nice

Good skin: As would this

Good story fairy: Even when bad things happen to you this fairy turns them into an excellent story. When a writer has this fairy they always get great ideas, which is not that fabulous given that writing the good ideas is the hard part, not getting them.

Grip: Danders Anders’ fairy: whatever he picks up stays in his hands until he decides to let it go.

Jukebox: Waverly Burnham-Stone’s fairy

Knowing-what-your-children-are-up-to: Charlie’s mum’s fairy

Loose change finding: One of the most common fairies

Monkey: All monkeys like you even if they bite or scratch or fling poo at everyone else

Never being late: This sounds a bit more like a curse than a blessing

Never getting cold: Another fairy I’d love to have

Never getting lost: I’ve met a couple of people with this one. Dead useful.

Parking: Charlie’s fairy. Something only crazy car-loving types would want.

Photogenic: The fairy that means you look great in every photo ever taken of you

Serving (tennis): Sandra’s fairy

Setting-students-on-fire: There’s no proof this fairy actually exists.

Sleep: I’m not sure about this fairy. I really enjoy sleeping, but on the other hand, being able to get by with little or no sleep without being cranky or hallucinating or having accidents—that’d be good. Think how many more books I could write a year!

Stealing: The Burnham-Stone family fairy. Definitely dodgy.

Surfer: With this fairy you can catch any wave.