astral: excellent, wondrous, fabulous

benighted: horrible, bad, miserable

dirty on: cranky with

doos: cool, ace, brilliant

doxhead: an annoying person

doxy: crappy, irritating, terrible

fairy dung: a cranky expletive

hoick: to hoist abruptly, to pull sharply

injured: lame, uncool, the opposite of “doos”

knackered: tired, exhausted, drained

malodorous: hideous, wrong, dismal

Our: a celebrity from New Avalon. So called because New Avaloners think all celebrities belong to them, thus Our Zora-Anne.

pox: exclamation of dismay

poxy: badly behaved, mischievous, exasperating

pulchritudinous, pulchy: beautiful, good-looking, attractive

spoffs: breasts

stellar: superlative, smashing, splendid

torpid: boring, injured, sucktastic

XI: in cricket the team is called an “eleven,” because there are eleven members of the team. Only it is spelled in Roman numerals. As in the New Avalon XI. Charlie is a member of the New Avalon Sports High B Stream XI.