Q: How long did it take you to write Razorhurst?

A: It took about three years from getting the first idea to the book being published in Australia and New Zealand in March 2014. Though the first time I blogged about it was in July 2012.

Q: Why ghosts?

A: Razorhurst began with ghosts. There were ghosts before there were living humans. When I walked around the streets of Sydney where the book is set I felt like I could see ghosts everywhere. I talk about the ghosts of Razorhurst at greater length here.

Q: Will there be a sequel?

A: I never say never but there are at least a dozen books on my list I want to write before I’d ever get to a sequel. Also more than any of my other books I really can’t see a sequel for Razorhurst.

Q: How hard was the research?

A: I love doing research so I never find it hard. Here’s some more on the research that went into writing Razorhurst.


  1. Julia on #

    ;-; Is Glory still alive?


    • Justine on #

      I’d have to write a sequel to find out the answer. I will say that the two women Gloriana Nelson was based on, Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh, lived into relative old age. They were both survivors.

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