cover of Daughters of Earth

“Justine Larbalestier, along with a stellar cast of critics, has done a marvellous job in assembling this anthology. It’s not so much about drawing attention to the women men don’t see as showing just what women have seen, understood and written about, and how this has drawn others into an extraordinary discussion between author, reader, and critic that still exists within the SF community.”

Strange Horizons

Daughters of Earth is a gift to the readers of the twenty-first century, in hopes that they remember upon wose literary shoulders they are standing in the firelds of science fiction, speculative fiction and fantasy.”

The Midwest Book Review

“The proverbial spoonful of sugar to interest readers in the largely thoughtful new scholarship.”


“An insightful overview of the intermingled development of Western feminism and science fiction since 1927. Recommended.”


“This collection not only sets new critical standards for all of us to aspire to in our scholarship, but also sets new stylistic standards for us to aspire to in our critical prose.”

—Brooks Landon, Science Fiction After 1900: From the Steam Man to the Stars

“Eleven excellent stories—some barely known, others already classics—with accompanying essays that will inspire you to read more. A wonderful introduction to the richness of feminist science fiction.”

—Sarah LeFanu, author of In the Chinks of the World Machine

Daughters of Earth achieves two notable successes—it makes a significant contribution to critical scholarship in science fiction as a whole, and it draws attention to  the place of feminist science fiction in the development of the genre. For a general reader, this is an excellent  introduction to both the fiction and the critical field.”

—Jenny Wolmark, author of Aliens and Others