Magic or Madness Trilogy

covers of the Magic or Madness booksMagic or Madness is about fifteen-year-old Reason Cansino. Reason’s lived all her life in the outback with her mother, Sarafina, on the run from her evil grandmother, Esmeralda. Esmeralda believes in magic and practices horrifying dark rituals. But when Sarafina suffers a mental breakdown, Reason is sent to the one place she fears most—Esmeralda’s house in Sydney.

Nothing about the house or Esmeralda is what Reason expected. For the first time she finds herself questioning her mother’s teachings. Then when she walks through Esmeralda’s back door in Sydney and finds herself on a New York City street, Reason is forced to face the truth. Magic is real. And Reason is magic.

Magic Lessons and Magic’s Child continue the story of Reason Cansino and her friends Jay-Tee and Tom.