It’s been quiet around here for several reasons. Mostly Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. Despite reading John M. Ford’s excellent advice, I’ve been following all the news and like everyone else getting angry and upset. I really hope the disaster will lead to everything being done that needs to be done: rebuilding the wetlands, rebuilding New Orleans as a place for all her now former residents, and making sure that the response to any future hurricanes or anything else will never be so slow ever again.

Then all my tedious deadlines. The proofs of Magic Lessons and the paperback version of Magic or Madness need checking, and, of course, the third and final book in the trilogy needs writing, given that it’s due 30 December and I haven’t started yet. I was six months early with the first book. I really hope my editors remember that.

That’s why next Tuesday we’re off to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico for a month. Where we hope to get lots and lots of writing done in a house that is free of the distractions of the internet and television.

In the meantime I’ve gotten to see Cassie type the last words of her very first novel. Very impressive given that some of us were doing more gossiping than writing that day. Okay, that would’ve been me gossiping with myself. Scott and Holly were typing almost as furiously as Cassie. I wish they were both coming to Mexico too. Surely their diligence will rub off on me eventually . . .


  1. annonymous on #

    Is it really possible to write a whole novel that fastly?

  2. Roger on #

    Not that I’ve ever written a novel, mind, but I imagine it would be a lot easier to write one that quick if it’s on the short side.

    Cricket starts soon, old girl. Nervous?

  3. a fan on #

    Does it mean it won’t be as good if you write it that quick? I loved the first book. It’d suck for the final book not to be as good.

    Promise that no one gets killed. Well the grandmother can and that Jason Blake bloke and I don’t care about the mother either. Not Reson or Tom or JT.

  4. a fan on #

    That was meant to be “Reason”.

  5. a fan on #

    Danny can die too.

  6. Roger on #

    And England wins the toss. I say, this will be splendid!

  7. parker on #

    warne magic!

  8. Sherwood Smith on #

    How wonderful to see all these excellent writers working away!

    And how wonderful that we soon get to read said writings…

    Hope your month will be singingly productive.

  9. Justine on #

    Annonymous and Roger and A fan: Your questions have inspired a long answer which I’m just about to post.

    A fan: I’ll keep in mind who I’m allowed to kill.

    Roger & Parker: I’ve heard it looks like there’s going to be rain over the next five days. Thanks, Darren! So a result may not be in the offing. In which case . . . well you lot know. I slept through the Warne magic and woke in time for Flintoff to be on fire and score his 100. What joy.

    Sherwood: It was pretty special. It’s amazing how inspiring it is being surrounded by other people being productive. I hope we get to do it again. Thanks so much for the supportive thoughts!

  10. marrije on #

    oh yes, please talk about writing a novel quickly! and will you seriously not be posting in the blog while in mexico? because i’d miss you. in an entirely non-creepy way of course 🙂

  11. Justine on #

    Marrije: Done. I’ll probably do some blogging from San Miguel, but it’s unlikely it’ll be daily. Nice to know I’ll be missed!

  12. barry on #

    Of course, if they were there, you might be gossiping instead of writing, which (while fun) might defeat the purpose, eh? May Mexico prove incredibly inspiring!

  13. Patrick Nielsen Hayden on #

    Actually, that post was John M. Ford’s excellent advice. I’m not sure why he’s crouched behind the initials “JMF”, but he’s welcome at any rate…

  14. Justine on #

    Oops. I shall correct. Stupid me.

  15. Justine on #

    Barry: Don’t be silly, in Mexico nobody gossips. Thanks for the kind wishes!

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