Thinking about something else, anything else

Margo Lanagan reminds us all to be careful of the words we use. Just so! For me ’twas a timely reminder as I am perusing the proofreader’s pass of Magic Lessons and making more changes (mostly deleting “just”. Aaargh!)

Jim McDonald made me laugh with his lessons learned from British folk ballads. I’ve been a tad obsessed with ’em since I was a wee lass.

Gwenda points to this incredible exhibition of spirit photography currently on in NYC. Given our deadlines and imminent trip out of town, the odds of my seeing it are not good. Hell, we don’t seem to be able to get it together to see our friends here . . . Must not sign up for more than one book a year!


  1. Roger on #

    What, old girl? Nothing to say about the fifth test? It begins Thursday, you know, and all the good money says Australia can’t manage better than a draw. I hope you have prepared a lovely eulogy to your country’s former glory.

  2. marrije on #

    from the department of something else, anything else: please god no, not that, please.

    oh, and my younger son (who is 4) has just heard about kangaroos and demands a trip to australia to see them.

  3. Justine on #


    Tell your son that platypus are cooler . . .

  4. marrije on #

    the four-year-old mind fails to see the coolness of platypus, i’m afraid.

    i’ve been thinking on how magical it must be to live in a world without kangaroos one day, and then to find out about them and the cool magical things they do (a baby who can climb into his mother’s belly!!).

    i remember the excitement of hearing about the maya, and the inca, for instance, and i miss finding those big chunks of new but long-existing wonderfulness in the world.
    these days, the new things i find out are mostly very sucky when they are very big (see title of your own post).

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