Eyewitness accounts

Boingboing has been linking to many heartwrenching accounts of the aftermath of Katrina. This one captures some of the intense anger many people are feeling. It’s also an account of local people in Texas doing whatever they can to help.

Texans are well-known for their generosity. It’s grand to know that they’re already demonstrating those qualities to the newcomers. (Scott’s family are all from Texas so I’ve experienced that warmth and kindness first hand.) Here’s hoping government at local, state and federal level will more than match the generosity of the people.

Scott’s uncle is a principal at a downtown high school in Houston. A few days ago Katrina had already given them 15 new students and he was already fielding calls from Louisiana teachers looking for jobs. It’s going to take a lot of money and resources to help Houston and the other cities accommodate all the folks from New Orleans and elsewhere. Here’s hoping they get everything they need.