hummingbird or hoax?

I finally did it. I finally got a photo of a hummingbird. Hell, I got two. What kind of a genius, am I? And it required no patience or planning at all. I just happened to be in the kitchen with the camera.

You see it? There in the centre right of the photo, just behind the pale purple flowers.

No? Well how about in this photo:

This time look just left of the pale purple flowers.

Okay then, here’s the first photo again, but this time cropped with the hummingbird dead centre:

And the second, also cropped and in the centre:

See it? Isn’t that cool? You don’t see it? Look closer, damn it! See the grey blur? See the wings? That’s the hummingbird. Bloody hell, those buggers move fast! More than a gazillion wing beats per minute, I reckon.

And you know what? I don’t care if you can’t see the hummingbird. I know it’s there. That’s all that matters. I have achieved the one thing I came to San Miguel to achieve: I have taken a photo of a hummingbird.

I loves them. I do.

P.S. Top of my current want list? A decent digi camera. You know, with a zoom and stuff.


  1. shana on #

    that’s funny, i thought you went to write…

  2. 3³ on #

    The blown up shots really help to make it out.

    I understand how you feel with those pics, having taken a devilishly poor picture of a brown bear that I have to explain to everyone.

    I also have one of a Bald Eagle, but you can actually make that out. Congrats on another goal reached.

  3. janet on #

    Mazel tov!

  4. cherie priest on #

    I SEE IT!
    It’s very cute 😉

  5. Justine on #

    Shana: Write? What is this writing that you speak of?

    3: thank you! Congrats on your bear, too.

    Janet: Ta! Course, I am aware that it’s not anywhere near as good as Matt’s.

    Cherie: Isn’t it? I love them hummingbird so much it almost (but not quite) makes me sad to go back home to a land without them. But hey we got rainbow lorikeets and sulpher crested cockatoos and kookaburras. Not so bad, really.

  6. Patrick O'Leary on #


    No sooner do you withdraw your insult to their gods then
    (Quite seredipidously) THE H-birds deign to be shot.




    Note: My new Blog

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