We went out to San Miguel’s botanical gardens, a large and beautiful cactus preserve. There have been many changes since the last time we visited in February 2004. First up there are new dunnies. La Bond and Mr Rowe will appreciate the difference. Eighteen months ago there was just one: a tiny tin shed without dunny paper or the ability to flush convincingly. Now it is a thing of splendour. Behold:

Also it comes complete with lovely guardian dog.

Last time we visited it hadn’t rained in months. This time it was autumn after much rain.



And the cactus is in bloom:

Remind me why we’re leaving again?


  1. Christopher on #

    I can’t believe the difference. I think you guys should buy that house and add a third leg to your international shuffle. If it would help out, we could live there and, um, manage the property while you’re being jetsetters. We’d sleep in the guesthouse when you were in residence, so no problem there.

    Scott and I wouldn’t have survived either our mountain biking trip or our (brilliant, really) “Hey, let’s go back to town via the canyon instead of the boring old road” advenure if the flora had been in full force at the time.

  2. Justine on #

    No, you really wouldn’t have. We just did the canyon route on foot yesterday and wow was it overgrown. On bike you’d have cactus spikes from head to foot. As it is every muscle in my body is killing me right now.

    Great plan on us buying the San Miguel house. Soon as that Hollywood deal comes through we’ll be all over it!

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