1. Cheryl on #

    the guy’s a genius, i could watch him bowl all day. nice to see the googly in action too.

  2. Justine on #

    If only he were captain and not Ponting . . .

  3. jonathan on #

    ponting should lose the captaincy. to stand up and say, as australian captain, don’t blame me is appalling. that aside, warnie is a genius. i’d say the game is pretty even, and if we can wrap england up in the opening session tomorrow it should be very interesting. btw, who were those other ten guys on the feld with warnie?

  4. Cheryl on #

    other ten guys on the field? well, there were two england batsmen, and two umpires. where did you get another six from? the guys bringing on the drinks?

    (actually the catch that hayden took to dismiss trescothick was very impressive, and the fielding was much less sonambulant than in previous matches, but compared to warne most of them might just as well have not been there.)

  5. jonathan on #

    i support australia, honest i do, and i’ll understand if justine is disgusted with the negative thoughts, but the australian bowling attack looked innocuous. the fielding was better, and i didn’t see egregious mistakes, but for most of the day, other when warne was bowling, no-one looked like getting out. maybe tomorrow will be better.

  6. Roger on #

    England is clearly ahead.

  7. Justine on #

    Oh, come on, you too. Compared to Warne, pretty much every cricketer in the world might as well go home.

    It’s an injustice that Warne isn’t captain; has been for years now. But the Oz selectors have ever been conservative dills. Keith Miller was also deprived of the captaincy because of his “dubious morals”. Wankers.

    Roger: give up the crack it’s addling your brain!

  8. niki on #

    arg – i’m on the other side if the world now – now real time play – sooo sad – plus the locals are backing the ENGLISH !! – how is that possible ?!?!?!

  9. Justine on #

    Welcome, stranger. You’re being ironic, of course. How could New Zealand not support England? They’d support Satan’s minions against us. Oh, hang on, they are supporting Satan’s minions against us . . .

  10. niki on #

    yeah bro – avin hard time wit accent though eh ?

  11. niki on #

    unfortunatly most of the accents I hear are us, uk, german,canadian or aus – only 24per cent of the company are from NZ !! – poor bastards …there was an accident this moring somone driving down the wrong side of the road from the airport – ops …..I miss not having poms to hassle about the cricket…

  12. jonathan on #

    i think roger is being optimistic to suggest england is clearly ahead. they had a perfect day, with a good batting pitch, and managed a solid total. if they add another 100 or so in the first innings, then i think they will be well ahead. if they’re all done for 350 or so, i think australia will feel pretty good about it.

    in terms of warne v. other cricketers, that wasn’t my point. it was that none of the other oz bowlers seemed to trouble the batsmen at all. as to warne and the captaincy, it’s too late, but he would have been good. ponting is failing to impress. watch them groom clarke, if his back holds up.

    and niki, nz, huh? too bad. nice mountains, though.

  13. Cheryl on #

    one of the things i remember most about my one visit to nz was seeing so many t-shirts saying “i support the all blacks, and anyone who is playing australia”. if you are welsh you can understand this. (probably canadians too.)

  14. da on #

    Well we finally got them out but at least 50 runs to many. Don’t bowlers know that tailenders need toe crushers

  15. Justine on #

    Solid foundations from messers Hayden and Langer. Yipee. I have no fear of the poms winning, I only fear English weather and dark skies. I fear the draw.

  16. Cheryl on #

    ah, that famous english twelth man, thor stormbringer. as per discussion on the tv earlier today:

    slater: “i wouldn’t want the weather to save england”

    boycott: “oh, i don’t know about that”

  17. Justine on #

    Lead me to this Thor Stormbringer! I’ll rip his bloody arms off. Him and Boycott both.


  18. Cheryl on #

    play abandoned for the day. Langer and Hayden made a big mistake going off, i think. rain is forecast for tomorrow, but at the moment sunday and monday brighter.

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