1. Dave Schwartz on #

    I recognize the words, but they mean nothing to me.

    This must be how other people feel when I talk about baseball.

  2. jonathan on #

    no, i don’t believe it. and, yes, sack ponting, then kick hayden and langer in the pants. we need to *win*. nothing else will do.

  3. Justine on #

    Dave: you’re right. It would have been much clearer if I’d said that they took the light when offered them. Hope that clears things up.

    Jonathan: I’m clutching my head and making mournful sounds. ‘Ken oath. We better bloody win after this.

  4. Cheryl on #

    there’s been a lot of sniggering going on in commentary boxes over here. i’m sure i heard the word “wusses” used at one point.

    dave, you have my permission to laugh at cricketers at this point. i’ve watched people facing up to fastballs at Pac Bell Park at 4:00pm when the whole ground except home plate is in shadow. cricketers have no reason to complain about the light. but in their defence they don’t get a free base if hit by a pitch. they are expected to stand there and take the bruises.

  5. Cheryl on #

    gilchrist was interviewed on channel 4 this morning. he said it was a team decision to take the light if offered because they didn’t want to risk facing freddie in gloomy conditions. so now they are facing hoggard in heavy, damp conditions.

  6. jonathan on #

    and that’s hayden’s 100. what a beautiful sight. the sound you hear is the sound of one man saving his career and, along the way, helping save his team. let’s hope he really kicks on with it now.

  7. Justine on #

    Yup. Indeed. The both of ’em need to ratchet it up big time now. We need a heap o’ runs. More rain is predicted.

  8. Cheryl on #

    i see vandermeer is trying to learn a bit about australia before heading out for the brisbane writers’ festival. shall we go talk cricket on his blog?

  9. jonathan on #

    isn’t he over here during the series vs. the rest of the world? if so, then he needs to know…

  10. Cheryl on #

    i think he needs to know anyway.

  11. Rishi Gajria on #

    Absolutely agree Justine! Today is the third day and they are still crawling. Now the only possibility is if they blast runs in the first two sessions, get a lead and put England in. Then hope England shoot themselves in the foot again.
    But this track seems too placid and I get the dirty feeling that this game is going to peter out in a draw.

  12. Justine on #

    Rishi: Despite today’s excitement, I think it still looks like a draw.

    Niki: So much for that prediction. Bloody bad light!

  13. Cheryl on #

    what a game! warne, mcgrath and lee are all bowling superbly. there’s nothing quite so much fun as watching really aggressive bowling. i’m finding it hard not to cheer.

    btw, after one warne lbw appeal the tv folks had to recalibrate the “hawkeye” software – the computer didn’t believe it was possible to turn a ball that far.

  14. Justine on #

    Yup. Have posted my excitement above.

    I love that about recalibrating Hawkeye . . .

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