I Successfully Predict the Future

A month back I confidently announced that the New York Liberty would make the 2005 WNBA playoff season. This has now come to pass. The Liberty are on a five-game winning streak despite having lost Anne Wauters, one of their top performers this year. Now it’s just a battle to see whether we get homecourt advantage or not. Here’s to our winning streak going on and on all the way to the WNBA finals.

I also predicted that Australia will win the Ashes and like Michael Slater I’m sticking to that prediction. Nor do I have any of his “healthy” doubt. It’ll be tough but we will do it.

Thursday sees the beginning of the fourth test at Trent Bridge and the Liberty have their final home game of the season. I’m feeling good about both.


  1. Scott on #

    Well done Justine and well done Liberty! And the streak isn’t over yet.

    But we’ll see if they can continue at this blistering pace. Waters was their best rebounder, which means they’ve probably been making up for her absence by lots of hustle inside, and taking advantage of a smaller line-up by running more. The question is: Will they eventually burn out?

    Say, in the second round of the playoffs . . .

    Still, it’s always great basketball when an undersized team just keeps winning because they don’t know they shouldn’t.

  2. jonathan on #

    well, still standing by the prediction. my guess is that england will go one up sometime tomorrow, or the day after at the latest. the game won’t make five days, and australia will struggle to tie the series in the 5th test. perhaps, in retrospect, we will see that the loss to bangladesh was the day the music died. i hope not, but…

  3. Justine on #

    Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan! Is the glass always half empty? Honestly! Test cricket is the original never-say-die game. Anything could happen and there you were already throwing in the towel on day one! Never accept defeat until you’re actually defeated!

  4. jonathan on #

    ahh, grasshopper, you are so young. i saw my first test match back in the early 70s. i’ve seen the highs and i’ve seen the lows, and i know miracles are possible. i’ve also seen how games go and what momentum does. to have fifteen wickets in hand and still be something close to 400 runs behind on the first innings, with an upper order that is almost completely out of form and a bowling attack that is almost completely out of touch…it will take a miracle just to make it competitive. and no, it’s not my nature to be pessimistic, but i get so *depressed* when they play badly. it’s very personal and illogical.

  5. Justine on #

    Maate, you’re not much older than I am! I too have seen the ups and downs of Oz cricket. I will never forget the disarray after Kerry Packer took over with world series cricket and the black days of the eighties when we were mostly hopeless.

    I’ve seen enough test matches that others despaired of turn around or wind up in a draw. It’s one of the reasons I love test cricket, because of results like 1981 Headingley—when a win was snatched after the follow-on being enforced. Yes, it was England beating us, but it was still extraordinary.

    I’m a hopeful sport fan. Right now I’m hoping we retain the ashes, and the New York Liberty wins the WNBA championships.

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