1. jonathan on #

    onya mate. i luvs the dinosaur exhibit too. everytime we go to nyc (about every two/three years), i insist we go. hope warnie’s right, and that mcgrath is ok.

  2. jonathan on #

    and no mcgrath.

  3. jonathan on #

    you are SO going to hate me saying this, but as of the second rain delay after lunch, we will be lucky to draw this one.

  4. Justine on #

    Maate, Jonathan, what a hopeless pessimist you are! It’s cricket, anything can happen and it ain’t over till it’s over.

  5. shana on #

    Just read a great article in The Believer about women’s basketball and how lesbian couples, families with sports-playing daughters, african-american men, and lots of other interesting people all love and adore the WNBA for all the best of reason.

    you’d like the piece. alas, it’s not available online, but i’d say it’s worth buying.

  6. jonathan on #

    saddest thing i saw all day – except for the no balls and the dropped catches, of course? seeing australia’s new ball bowlers sitting on the balcony of the dressing room. mcgrath injured, dizzy dropped. they had such dreams at the beginning of the tour.

  7. Cheryl on #

    hiya, have just escaped from two frustrating days offline when I have not been able to g/l/o/a/t engage in entertaining banter about the cricket. Am now lodging at Superfulous Technology Central in Reading where of course they have a webcam. Great! I thought, I can point it at the TV so that Justine can watch A/u/s/t/r/a/l/i/a l/o/s/e the game, but of course there is no TV, that being way too low-tech for Plokta folks. guess I’ll have to watch the rest of the game on the internet like you.

    of course when you see the bails leap off the stumps and then settle back into their grooves as if nothing had happened you have to get the feeling that someone, somewhere, has it in for you guys.

  8. Justine on #

    It’s not over until it’s over!

  9. Cheryl on #

    well you have cunningly arranged for England to bat last, thereby giving god his best change of a viciously turning wicket. he was certainly getting some turn in the first innings. then again, giles hasn’t got a bowl yet.

  10. Justine on #

    We can still win. You lot did after the follow on was enforced at Headingley in 1981.

    Congratulations on the English women’s win against Australia. First one in 21 years! Hope it gets the press it deserves.

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