One-Star Heaven

Lovely Maud just linked to this collection of Amazon one-star reviews of books that made Time‘s top 100 books list (of which I have read only 41 ’cause they left off most of my faves—Bastards! Unsurprisingly, it’s very US-centric). Anyways, the whole one-star reviews thing made me very very happy. Reading one-star Amazon reviews always makes me very happy. They so funny!


  1. Livia on #

    When you have the time, read the amazon reviews (both U.S. and UK) for “Shadowmancer”. They’re better than the actual book.

  2. janet on #

    Hysterical! It’s hard to say whether the funnier reviews are the ones I agree with or the ones I don’t….

  3. niki on #

    hehe – just sent the link to the noise email group here – most enjoyed “definitely killed the Sat. morning blues…”

  4. Justine on #

    Janet and Niki: aren’t they? I particularly loved the one that accused c. s. lewis of product placement in the Narnia books with his excessive mentions of turkish delight.

  5. Justine on #

    Livia: sorry that your comment got held up in the moderation queue. Damned spammers. Oh, how I hates them.

    I just had a look at those reviews. Hilarious!

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