13th The uses of bad fiction 1
11th Los Angeles 8
9th What to wear 42
8th Shopping with the Shoe Goddess (updated) 25
7th Brrrr 5
5th Quessie for readers 44
4th Interior Decorating 27
3rd Milan Kundera & the Unbearable Lightness of Wankery 14
2nd Everything dates (updated) 7
1st Arduous Research 30


30th Giving up 18
29th Dope, proofs, hoops, words 4
28th Chocolate proms 22
28th More on banned books week 8
27th Write me this book! 7
26th Why do you like sport? 21
25th Changeling 6
24th A true omnivore? 18
23rd Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! 2
23rd Banned books week 9
22nd A solemn vow (updated) 19
21st John Green and The Art of Lying 16
20th Hear me speak! 4
20th Cape gooseberries/husk cherries 11
20th Writer’s looks 11
19th Bad bad bad writing advice 15
18th Brooklyn Book Festival 3
17th Good writing, bad writing 26
15th Dingbat heaven 6
14th Defying Margo Lanagan (updated) 59
13th Naming 25
11th Schoolgirl days 19
10th La la la . . . 11
9th Easy writing 14
8th Publishing is not a zero-sum game 11
6th How to write a novel* 47
5th Fan art, my next novel, & reading 10
3rd To belong or not to belong 11
2nd Flowers in the Attic 18


31st Brooklyn Book Festival 5
29th The privilege of knowing Ellen Kushner 5
28th Off to copyediting 24
25th Stoush! Stoush! Stoush! 5
21st Larbfeld report (updated) 31
20th Vetoes 10
16th Yes, I’m blonde 13
14th No Control 28
8th Good news only 72
5th Answers 11
4th James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon 12