Dingbat heaven

One of the many glorious things about working with the Razorbill team at Penguin is that they got Chris Grassi to design special dingbats just for the Magic or Madness trilogy. Cute little suns for the Sydney parts:

and snowflakes

for the New York City sections.

Don’t they make you happy? They make me happy!

And I love that you can tell where the action takes place just by looking at the dingbats. Little sun? Summery Sydney. Snowflake? Wintry New York.

And that is why I write books, so I can have cool dingbats. And so I can spend a morning preparing a list for Chris Grassi of which chapters in Magic’s Child have which dingbats.

Sometimes I love my job so much I could explode in a puff of iridescent, nacreous, jasmine-fragrant rainbows.


  1. Rebecca on #

    those are cool.

  2. margo on #

    At least those rainbows aren’t nacreous.:)

  3. Justine on #

    They are now . . .

  4. cecil on #

    looking good! looking real good!

  5. Anna on #

    One of my favorite parts about books are seeing what little dingbats are unique to them. I can’t wait to see those in the books!!

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