Stoush! Stoush! Stoush!

The elegant variation—with what appears to be a straight face—says that adults reading teen books is yet another sign of the end of times, or to quote him, that “yet another stone of the great edifice of Grownupland has been gleefully kicked out from underneath us”.

A most entertaining stoush results. I’d love to jump in but I gotta finish my latest contribution to the destruction of adulthood. But you lot feel free. Just play nice: no glassing or brass knuckles and keep it above the belt.

Via the stoushly Gwenda Bond and Cecil Castellucci.


  1. Jennifer on #

    Oh, screw ’em. I’m reading Sarah Dessen right now and she is EXCELLENT. Just because it’s about teenagers doesn’t guarantee it’s dumb crap, thankyouverymuch.

  2. Little Willow on #

    Books are wonderful; well-written stories deserve to rise above labels and be read by people who will appreciate them, be they kids, teens, adults; students, teachers, parents, booksellers, librarians; whoever, wherever, whatever age.

  3. Diana on #

    this is a classic argument, and it’s dumb. These books suck, give me an example that doesnt; no, that one doesn’t count. Not that one either. Or that one, for that matter.

  4. John H on #

    There is a reason why they’re not called ‘teen’ books anymore – they are young adult books: key word adult.

  5. dylan on #

    the whole “argument” is stupid because guess what, teens read “adult” novels like Laurell K. Hamilton and classics we’re forced to “read” like Jane Eyre (Which i turned out to love) Anyway, the whole thing’s ridiculous. So, what?! Teen Lit. aint’ that bad anyways…

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