1. Christopher on #

    That’s not you. I can tell by the teeth.

  2. lili on #

    do you have a bear skin rug?????

    if you do, i’m getting on the next plane to new york to come and visit it.

  3. scott w on #

    Christopher: is too.

    Lili: um, yes, we do.

  4. Darice Moore on #

    I vaguely remember seeing Pollyanna and … Hayley Mills never looked that hot. Just sayin’. 😉

  5. veejane on #

    oh, justine, why didn’t you tell me you’d costarred with Jimmy Cagney in some of his best work?? I must say, it was a thankless role, but you do look good in white satin. And after all, if you must be upstaged, be upstaged by the best!

  6. Lewis on #

    Your’re a Marilyn Monroe fan? I thought that was politically
    incorrect. 🙂

  7. Rebecca on #

    i like it. 😀

  8. marrije on #

    dahling, you look marvellous.

  9. shelly rae on #

    But are you still wearing that shade of scarlet red lipstick? Cause I recall having to really scrub to wash it off. They have brands now that don’t rub off but what fun that is I don’t know…

  10. Simon on #

    I was in Budapest in the early 90s, suffering terrible insomnia one night. The only tv stations still on the air at 4am were ukranian soap operas, german financial news and a local hungarian station playing “red dust”, subtitled in magyar. But I missed the first 10 minutes (including the title) so they had to invent imdb for me so that I could work out what MGM film starring justine larbalestier (appearing under one of her numerous pseudonyms) I had actually seen.

  11. margo on #

    Post real pic now, please.

  12. Amirah on #

    the hair almost frightens me…


  13. Ellen Kushner on #

    Well, Scott looks pleased, anyhow ( – that is Scott you’re leaning on…?).

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