Fan art, my next novel, & reading

I got my very first fan art by the lovely Kate of Refrigerate Kate. Here are her sketches of Jay-Tee:

Isn’t that fabulous? (Though for the record Jay-Tee doesn’t smoke.)

There are also sketches of Tom on her site. I’m dead chuffed! I have fan art! Really good fan art! Thank you, Kate.

I’ve also neglected to mention what novel I decided to write next. On account of it was youse lot’s overwhelming favourite (and me having already written 25 thou words of it) I will now be turning my attention to finishing the Great Australian feminist monkey-knife fighting Elvis mangosteen cricket fairy young adult novel.

Anyone who’d like a sneak preview—I’ll be reading the first three chapters later today:

NYRSF Reading Series
Tuesday, September 5, 2006
7PM (doors open at 6:30PM)
Scott and me
Melville Gallery
213 Water Street
New York, NY

Hope to see some of you there. Now it’s past my bedtime . . .


  1. Katerate on #

    I cannot come to that reading/signing thing today D:. School, work. But October is only a month away. And I’ll have you know that I was up until 2:30 last night reading I Capture the Castle (which was tactless of me because of getting up for school at 6 am).
    Justine you are fabulooous.

  2. Justine on #

    Katerate: So pleased you liked it! I Capture the Castle is one of my favouritest books of all time.

  3. Jenny Davidson on #

    i love “i capture the castle”!

    oh, justine, have a great reading tonight, i wish i could come (i am so eager to read that novel!) but i am in the thick of school-starting and two nights out this week would be beyond what’s acceptable!

  4. dylan on #

    this sucks. I have fricking school ontop of my stupid job at Food Emporium. Well, it pays. Anyway,see you. I’m so bummed. But i will totally pass the word on to a few people in that area…who are lucky and don’t have a fricking job to work at…:) Have a blast!
    Also, i read the privlege of the sword. You were right! It’s an awesome read. It was a perfect read to fnish my summer off with. Thanks! Now back to boring Whitman and what not…Dylan

  5. jessica on #

    I read your blog all the time, Justine, but i’ve never left a comment before. However, maybe i’m going crazy, but i feel compelled to now! Jay-Tee looks amazingly similar to one of my friends! Haha. When she leaves her hair natural that is.


  6. Justine on #

    Jenny: We should start an I Capture the Castle club. I’m now pining to reread it and, of course, my copy is back home in Sydney.

    Dylan: Maybe you can make the Brooklyn reading? Holly Black, Libba Bray and some other very cool and fine writers will be there that day, too. Thanks for spreading the word about tonight’s reading!

    Isn’t Ellen Kushner’s writing to die for? Now you have the pleasures of Swordspoint and Return of the Kings (written with the brilliant Delia Sherman) awaiting you.

    Jessica: Welcome! Hey, your friend Miranda does look quite a bit like Kate’s drawings. Eerie . . .

  7. shelly rae on #

    I’m intrigued Justine, as to just what the Great Australian feminist monkey-knife fighting Elvis mangosteen cricket fairy young adult novel sounds like so far. Wish I could make the reading but there’s this darn continent in the way.

    Cool art there Kate–I think the scrunch face is excellent.

  8. Rebecca on #

    but, but, what about those of us who live far far far far away and can’t come to the readings? when do we get to hear the first three chapters? whennnn?!?!?! and you’ll be going back to sydney in, like, a month and a half, and then you’ll be even farther away, on the other side of the world. *sniff* 😉

    you and scott should come to the texas book festival. that would be sooooo cool. maybe one of these years? 😀 😀

    that is some fantastic fanart. i was wondering when katerate would do some for morm. so awesome.

  9. Justine on #

    Shelly Rae & Rebecca: I’m thinking about doing a podcast of the first few chapters so that you will both get to hear it. It’s definitely my favourite thing to read of everything I’ve written. I’m pleased you’re both interested!

    Rebecca: Here’s the dirty secret on appearances—we have to be invited. We can only be part of the Texas Book Festival if we’re invited. That’s how book signings and reading work as well. People contact us or our publisher and ask if we’re available.

    Isn’t Katerate’s art wonderful? I’m still dead chuffed!

  10. Rebecca on #

    “Here’s the dirty secret on appearances—we have to be invited.”

    so does that mean that whoever coordinates these types of events just picks who they think is best? or is there some kind of selection process? ’cause, you know, i’d like to vote or whatev, if that’s actually something that happens.

    either that or i will study abroad in sydney. mwahahaha! ‘cept that won’t work either, ’cause ya’ll are here in the summer. ah, well. 😀

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