31st Last day of 2008 (updated) 5
30th Diana Peterfreund is down (Updated) 3
30th Congrats, South Africa 4
29th Write what you know, NOT! 18
28th Australia 5
27th My favourite fairy so far 18
26th Up to date correspondence & the joys of fanmail 6
25th Boxing Day 8
24th Fred Astaire versus Gene Kelly 19
23rd Not that fussed 9
22nd Yes, this is research too 3
21st Fruitz I has them 9
20th YA and other animals 3
19th So good to not be in NYC 8
19th Hardcovers versus paperbacks 26
18th The efficacy of book tours 7
17th Outlining v winging it 9
16th Evil drivers 20
15th I don’t want to skite 7
14th Debut YA to look for next year 15
14th Writers blogging 5
13th In which I repeat myself 9
12th The best thing 8
11th Where I am right now 22
10th Follow-up quessies 15
9th One more thing 9
8th Perfecting your craft 16
7th Privacy and blogging 19
6th In which I am naughty 8
5th YA book recs for the holidays 21
4th Black Wednesday 4
3rd A very good question 31
2nd Publishing doom and gloom 5
1st Borrowing books is good 8


30th Signed books 5
29th A couple of things 7
28th Enjoyable review 6
27th Thanksgiving Day 9
26th On the back of your sound advice 3
25th Question for those who like to get their books signed 30
23rd Title of liar book 4
22nd What is gritty fiction? 15
21st BookPeople questions we ran out of time to answer 12
20th Fun was had at BookPeople 7
19th In Texas 1
18th Answering your zombie v un***rn questions 8
17th Sekrit news no longer sekrit! Involves zombies! 23
17th Quote of the day 3
16th Reading & walking 26
15th Bagpipes on Second Avenue 2