I don’t want to skite

But I’ll be eating here very very very soon.

Have I mentioned that I love being home in Sydney?

Now if only I didn’t have to work so hard and could take some days off to really enjoy it. Like, say, tomorrow, in front of the tellie what will be showing the first test against South Africa at the WACA.

Can’t have everything I spose.

Hope you’re all as happy as I am.


  1. Judith on #

    I hope the publisher is paying, Justine!

  2. Amber on #

    Wow. Sucks to be you. There are several things on that menu of which I have not the slightest notion what they even are. Including ‘praline anglaise’. And I _am_ anglaise. And spatchcock sounds like some sort of sporting terminology: “Oh, dear, that _is_ a shame; he’s batted an absolute spatchcock there…”

  3. Brent on #

    “Finally, early season berries with orange and Grand Marnier jelly and champagne ice cream, a floating island with vanilla and praline anglaise, and a flourless chocolate cake with a bitter chocolate sorbet and orange ice cream.”

    Let us know which of those you try. The rest sounds somewhat disgusting to my blue-collar midwestern-US palate. But I love a good desert.

    And I thought about it. I AM happy. And I’m glad you’re happy too. I’m also certain you’re happy you’re not HERE. It was 8°C (practically balmy) this morning and is now -11°C.

  4. CW on #

    Noice! Enjoy!

    By the way how long ago did you request a table?

  5. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    Okay, I’m jealous. Do enjoy yourself.

    I’ve eaten there once and it was a delight.

  6. Justine on #

    Judith: I don’t think A&U would stretch to Tets. This is on my own dime.

    Amber: How odd. I think of spatchcock as very English. Here’s what the OED says:

    1. A fowl split open and grilled after being killed, plucked, and dressed in a summary fashion. Also attrib.
    Orig. in Irish use, later chiefly Anglo-Indian.

    So it turns out to be Irish first. Is a very yummy way to cook birds. Though mostly it’s chicken.

    Brent: Don’t look to me to try the chocolate for you. Ewwww!

    CW: I think my parents booked the table about six months ago.

    Malcolm: I plan to. Tets is one of my fave restaurants in the whole world. I first ate there many many years ago when it was still in Rozelle and I was little.

  7. AndrewN on #

    I’m so, so jealous. Dec in Sydney sure beats Seattle. Grey, wet, cold 28F. Not a sandy beach in sight. To add insult to injury – you are going to *that* place.

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