On the back of your sound advice

I have decided that I will do all future signings my way and ignore Scott’s advice entirely. The only people who can tell me to hurry up when signing is whoever is running it. So there, Scott!

I hasten to add that crazy long signings are not a regular occurrence for me. They pretty much only happen at places like NCTE or TLA or on school visits. If I had lines like Scott gets routinely I would probably study how he gets through a line speedily while also managing to chat to those he’s signing for. He is a master. He does in fifteen seconds what takes me a minute.1

Thanks so much for your responses. They will keep me strong next time I have a long signing!

  1. This could be because he’s a USian and I’m an Aussie. On the whole USians move faster than Aussies. I have no idea why. []


  1. Dave H. on #

    Good for you! I thought you did a great job of interacting with your fans when you were here last month.

  2. Emily on #

    Yes, interacting with you fans is VERY important to us readers. Just keep doing what your doing! We love ya (:

  3. Brent on #

    I hope that you’ll be within driving range of me sometime this year so I can add to the length of your signing queue. 🙂

    As for USians moving fast, that doesn’t seem to apply to “southerners.” I live in Michigan (one of the few places drivers are crazier than NY) and I spent a year in Oklahoma for Uni. The fast food down there wasn’t. And people would spend so long deciding whether they should hurry or not by the time they did it was didn’t matter. 🙂

    But we USians DO tend to think that the quantity of events in our life is more important than the quality. Personally I’d rather spend an hour in a signing queue for you, chatting with the people around me about your books, than to spend an hour rushing from queue to queue getting a stack of books signed so that my whole bookshelf is signed.

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