Black Wednesday

Well, yesterday was crazy. People I know lost their jobs or are now in danger of doing so. Some author friends lost their imprints. It’s all scary stuff. But publishing is not the only industry in convulsions. We’re in a recession. It’s bad all over.

To answer those asking if I still stand by Tuesday’s comments. I do. Things are bad, but they’re less bad for children’s than for adults’. Publishing is going to change a lot over the next decade.

But here’s my main source of comfort: People are always going to want stories.

My sympathies to everyone who had a really bad day yesterday.


  1. Electric Landlady on #

    It’s very upsetting and my sympathies go out to everyone involved. I did have to giggle a bit at this line (from your second link), though:

    “Mr. Mehta’s empire will expand to include the Doubleday and Nan A. Talese imprints, merging authors like Margaret Atwood and Jonathan Lethem with Knopf’s writers, like John Updike and Toni Morrison.”

    Margaret Morrison? Jonathan Updikem?

  2. Rebecca on #

    This is just scary.

  3. caitlin on #

    This is scary. Where’s the bailout for the publishing industry? I don’t drive, but I inhale books. Very sad especially since I am a bookseller.

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