My favourite fairy so far

Someone just wrote and told me they have a hiccup fairy. Whenever they get the hiccups this fairy makes them go away within a minute. Fabulous!

D’you know it never occurred to me when I was writing How To Ditch Your Fairy that so many people have fairies. I have enough fairies now for about a million sequels. Tis a pity I’m unlikely to be writing them.

Anyone got a fairy they haven’t told me about yet?


  1. Nicholas Waller on #

    I have a don’t-tell-people-about-your-fairies fairy who forbids talking about her and her mates on pain of dea*rk!kr!@rs*vk*!

  2. e m i l y on #

    i have a wifi fairy, wherever i go, there’s always an unlocked connection for me 🙂 it’s very useful.

  3. Judy on #

    I have a freak fairy…

    I work at a library and every single person who is a total freak comes straight to me…every freak, weirdo, crackhead, person-with-invisible-friends-they-are-in-an-argument-with, etc…they all come straight to me. No one else at my job gets them with the frequency I do, and usually when I’m at work, no one else gets them at all because they wind up at my counter.

    And I know it’s a freak fairy because it doesn’t just happen at work…when I go to the store, to the mall, just out for a walk, in parking lots, when I get on the bus…they all find me. And I usually have very strange/interesting conversations with them…at least now I know what’s causing it.

  4. Annalee Flower Horne on #

    I have a “wake up” fairy. When I’m getting ready for bed, I can say to myself “I’m going to wake up at 8:17 tomorrow.” And at 8:17 on the dot, I will wake up–usually about thirty seconds ahead of my alarm clock. Which would make sense if I got up at the same time every day, but I don’t. So it must be a fairy.

  5. Miriam on #

    I WISH I had a hiccup fairy. I hate hiccups and mine last forever. This year besides my library fairy–the one that lets me always find at least one of the books I want to read–I had a Christmas present fairy. Everything I wanted for Christmas, I got.

    My husband says it’s because all of the stuff I wanted was inexpensive. And I did want a lot less stuff than in other years. But I still think it was my fairy.

  6. Judy on #

    LOL…I like the “wake up fairy”…I wish I had one…my only wake up fairy is named Caffeine, and she’s not very reliable unless in large doses!

  7. Janet on #

    Why doesn’t the fairy keep them from getting hiccups in the first place? Sounds like a slacker fairy to me.

  8. hagris on #

    Wake up fairy is so doos i’d like to have that one ( well i have that one only on very very important day)
    I think my fairy is something like second chance fairy or way out when i mess things up fairy, i mean i always have a new chance or a new way when i mess something like my studies or forget important papers or lose them – and i lose and forget everything all the time-

  9. mb on #

    I have a when-you-think-you’re completely-broke-money-comes-your-way fairy. It’s useful, but it does tend to wait until the last minute to perform.

  10. Calistro on #

    I have an insomnia fairy. I call her Valium ;o)

  11. Calistro on #

    Or should that be an insomnia-curing fairy. I call her Valium.


  12. tess on #

    I have an I-can-always-tell-when-a-car-is-going-to-stop-and-let-me-cross-the-street fairy.

    Which is lame.

    But at least I’ll never get run over by a car.

  13. Seth Christenfeld on #

    I’ve got a find-the-book-you-want fairy–I’m excellent at finding people the books they want to read (or, alternately, recommending one that’s good). This makes me excellent for my bookstore job. Alas, it qualifies me for nothing else whatsoever.

  14. Jay-wa on #

    I’m not sure if I have a fairy, but I finally (finally!!) got HTDYF, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the doos slang! Completely awesome!

  15. Ashley-wa on #

    i have a procrastination fairy and a fairy that doesn’t let me sleep past 9:00am. every single day i can never get up past 9!! i got up @exactally 9:00am 2day, and everyday this year. its not really a doos fairy, but neither is my procrastination fairy!!!!=D

  16. Heather on #

    I have a wake-up fairy as well. Or you could call it a alarm fairy. It is so doos! The only time I call it a poxy fairy is when I stayed up to late and never feel sleep fulfilled. I think i have developed an procrastination fairy but only when reading Great Expectations.

  17. Marie on #

    I have the opposite fairy- one that provides hiccups quite often, and repeatedly in one day. It’s so embarrassing, and they’re so hard to get rid of! Stupid fairy.

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