Congrats, South Africa

South Africa just won their first test series against Australia in Australia. I’ve been dead impressed by them. Especially by debutant Jean-Paul Duminy. What a way to score 166 runs! He now has an average of more than a hundred. And he’s awesome in the field. He is looking to surpass Ntini as my favourite South African cricketer. I can only see South Africa getting better as more and more South Africans get excited about cricket. Under apartheid they only had a small pool of white cricketers to draw on. Now the pool gets bigger and better every year. If that keeps up they will be dominant for a long time.

South Africa and India have both beaten Australia in a series this year. Convincingly. It’s good to see more than one strong test side in the world. It’s good for cricket not to have Australia winning everything. Really, there’s only one nation that we must always destroy—England. If we keep doing that I’m good.

I’m hoping, though, that the third test will be a little closer. Not just because I’ll be going but because three strong test sides is brilliant for cricket. I want to see Australia fight back. I want to see them strong. I think they need to drop Hayden and have Phil Hughes in his stead. And we really really really need a new captain. Ponting is lost without Warnie setting his fields for him. And how about giving that Bollinger lad a go? There’s a lot of talent out there. Let’s see them get a go at test level.

Another reason it’s so awesome to be home. I have now watched ten days of cricket some of it astonishingly good: Mitchell’s bowling in Perth, Duminy’s fightbacks with the South African tail, Ponting’s almost century. And I’ve been really enjoying Shane Warne’s commentary. I wonder if I can get tickets to the musical? Bless you, Warnie.

And, yay, South Africa!


  1. Ned on #

    Fantastic match, and series. Hope Duminy’s secured his place. Somebody at the ICC should be scheduling the next India-SA series *right now*; I’m almost more excited about it than I am the Ashes.

  2. Ashley-wa on #

    wow!!!! u must really like cricket. i have played cricket a few times, but i only did good because the person who was supposed 2touch the ball2 the wicket wasn’t paying attention.(not 2sure what that position is called, but i m sure u do).=D

  3. emmaco on #

    I thought you might be interested in this article on the reasons behind Australian sporting success and failure. Even as a non-cricket follower it was boring to hear Australia kept winning the cricket, so I agree that a bit of competition is a good thing!

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