Boxing Day

I love Boxing Day.1 It is the most excellently lazy day ever. Right now I have my feet up, watching the beginning of the Boxing Day test, while eating my brekkie of mango, banana, sheep’s milk yogurt and granola. (We ran out of passionfruit. Get some more tomorrow.) Is there anything better than this? I don’t think so.

I have high hopes for this series between Australia and South Africa. The first test was splendid. Every day (except the last) was full of reversals and much excitement. I didn’t see the series in India so this is the first time I’ve seen the Aussies up against a team that can beat them in ages. It’s most excellent. If only we had a better captain. Ponting’s a great cricketer but I’m deeply unimpressed by his captaincy skills.

Mmmm. Boxing Day, cricket, mangoes, laziness. I’m home, aren’t I? If it were up to me I’d never leave.

Hope you’re all having a marvellous day wherever you are and whatever day it is. Hope you are having as much relaxing fun as I am!

  1. I know the date stamp for this post says Xmas Day, but it’s not. I was too lazy to change to east coat aussie time from east coast usian time. []


  1. lisa on #

    I am also revelling in boxing day laziness. There’s a pile of dvds to watch, new books to read, and a fridge full of christmas leftovers to munch on. And nothing, nothing, nothing at all I actually have to do. Love it.

  2. Dave H. on #

    We’ve still got three more hours of Christmas Day, but things are winding down. Brittany is at her dad’s until Monday, and Angie and my mom both get their new cars on Boxing Day!

    I’ve got the test up on Cricinfo. I’m just hoping it is better than the Second Test between England and India. Fog is not that exciting to watch online.

  3. Ally on #

    What exactly is Boxing Day? All I know is the calender says it’s on my birthday (my 16th birthday this year).

  4. Eric Luper on #

    And lift a glass of something for my boxing day birthday!!!

  5. Janet on #

    Ally, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, an official holiday in Britain and many of the Commonwealth countries. Traditionally it was a day to give presents to servants or employees, or to charity. The origin of the name is disputed; I was told it was from “boxing up” possessions to give away, but I doubt this is true.

    Happy birthday!

  6. Ally on #

    Thanks, Janet(:

  7. Keir on #

    Ahhh that’s how to do it – I like your style
    My birthday is on boxing day as well. I’ve never quite known how to deal with having a birthday on a day like Sunday on steroids when all year friends birthday party like crazy.
    This year however I’m gonna roll over to Jan. for a jam. A belated birthday party on Friday 23rd. Never done that before hehe

    Cricket – the ball is so hard but cycle racing is harder!

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