1. Jennila on #

    It’s not that cold! Ok maybe it is. Erm… at least we’ve proven the weatherman’s not always wrong? Trying and failing to defend a really cold NYC.

  2. Brent on #

    Oh poo. Here in Detroit-area we just got 8-10″ of new snow. The trees and bushes look gorgeous, especially the ones lit with Christmas lights under the snow blanket.

  3. Justine on #

    Brent: I’m really really really glad I’m not in Detroit! 🙂

  4. Dave H. on #

    Geez, Justine. We’re always so nice to you in Detroit!

    (Granted, it was about minus-300 on your first visit this year, and we got 42 inches of rain the second time, and we did sort of eliminate your Liberty from the playoffs, but we’re still nice!)

  5. Tim on #

    It is very the opposite in Brisbane. Very very the opposite. How’s it in Sydney?

  6. Gabrielle on #

    I can has three feet of snow? Oh wait I already has. It’s about -20C out here. And what’s up with the sun setting at 4:15 in the AFTERNOON?


  7. Amber on #

    The weatherpersons are calling it ‘snowmageddon’.

    It’s really not all that funny.

  8. Ted Lemon on #

    ZOMG, I so wish I was there. Unfortunately it’s supposed to warm up in the next couple of days, so all that beautiful snow will probably be gone by the time Andrea and I get there on Christmas Eve.

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