Answering your zombie v un***rn questions

Yes, there will be a zombie-un***rn story. I hope you’re happy. Because personally I think that’s a bit gross.

No, I can’t tell you the names of any of the contributors. But trust me, they are all fabulously excellent writers.

Yes, it is a YA anthology. It will be edited by the marvellous Karen Wojtyla. That’s right, me and Holly, who are editing the Zombie versus Uni***ns anthology, will in turn be edited. It’s, like, a whole editing chain.

Sorry, the anthology is closed.

Yes, there will be lots of different kinds of zombies. Not just your regular Romero types.

I have no idea about the uni***n side of things. I doubt there’s more than one kind. And if there is, who cares? Hmmm, maybe you should direct your uni***n questions to Holly Black or to Diana Peterfreund both of whom know ridiculous amounts about that very lame topic.

Send your zombie questions my way. If I don’t know the answer I will turn to Robert Hood, who is Professor Zombie, and knows everything there is to know about zombies.

Thanks for all the excited emails and comments about the anthology. Us two editors are both thrilled that you’re thrilled.



  1. Emily on #

    Why dolove zombies so much?

  2. Emily on #

    YOU! Why do you love zombies so much? LOL!!!

  3. John H on #


  4. Sabrina on #

    I just can’t help but wonder, with all the talk of zombies -versus- un****ns, what would happen if someone wrote a story about a zombie un****n? Would the world, in fact, implode?

  5. C. Cooper on #

    Hiya Justine. Congrats on the anthology. I dunno, I kinda like the possibilities of a zombie-unicorn. Unicorns didn’t *use* to be lame. They used to be able to slaughter entire hunting parties of humans without really trying. That was the kinda unicorn referenced in the Unicorn Tapestries anyway. It wasn’t really until the poor beast got totally conflated with Christian allegories about Jesus that the unicorn itself lost cool points. Ancient unicorns, like griffons and dragons, were serious supernatural beasties not to be messed with. How about a unicorn-gargoyle? I’ve seen some….

  6. Scott Edelman on #

    As a zombie lover who has had to mount many vigorous defenses of the rotting undead as opposed to those mopey vampiric undead, I look forward to seeing you whip some unicorn butt. Congrats!

  7. Sarah Rees Brennan on #

    I emerge blinking into the bright light of your blog from my lockdown in the writing fort to cheer for you and Holly and Karen!

    … Naturally I cannot place my vote on the zombies versus unicorns debate until I see who wins, in which case I was on that side all along.

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