1. Bianca on #

    Me, I’m at school working on a Final Project for Art, waiting until I get home so I’ll finally be able to read HTDYF after finally being able to get a copy =]. Yay!

  2. lisa on #

    It’s still and clear.

  3. suzi on #

    it’s 7:30am, almost 30 degrees (celsius) and the last day of work before the holidays!

  4. marrije on #

    it’s late. bed time.

  5. Catherine on #

    It snowed! This has made my week because I’d never seen snow before today. It does not usually snow here. I’m fairly sure it isn’t supposed to snow here. But it did. And I built my very first snowman. It’s only a foot tall, but I’m okay with that! I love snow. I wonder if I will have to be twice as old as I am now before I get to see it again.

  6. Patrick on #

    Well, Manhattan is cold today if you ask me… And I had to buy another umbrella because I forgot to pack one.

  7. V on #

    Your description of the weather sounds like Melbourne the last few days, Justine, though today is supposed to be more rainy and less warm, which we all know means blisteringly hot and no rain for the next century. Yay for water restrictions Level 3a.

  8. JW on #

    A little chilly and kinda sunny. Might rain later.

  9. Brent on #

    Here in southeastern Michigan there is a bit* of snow, but mostly it’s too cold to snow more than a dusting. Good news is that the highs for next week should be above freezing.

    *This bit includes about 4″ from last week’s somewhat warmer weather.

  10. sammi on #

    home. with homework. and its cold. i do not like the cold.

  11. Shveta on #

    Cold and wet and chilly! Good thing I just made a pot of yummy veggie chili. 🙂

  12. Elise on #

    Sunny and warm! Good ol’ Arizona! Weather predictors must have it so easy here, all they ever have to do is say that it’ll be sunny and warm tomorrow and 90% of the time they’re right.

  13. Steve Turner on #

    I’d ask if you were in Sydney already, but it’s not particularly warm here. Other than that, it is also raining and grey.

    But apparently tomorrow it will be 35 degrees and sunny. Go figure…

  14. Gabrielle on #

    It’s freezing cold and snowing and pretty.

  15. Dave H. on #

    It’s very cold, although not ConFusion cold, and there’s a beautiful view of the full moon.

  16. Justine on #

    Patrick: I am not in New York.

  17. Patrick on #

    Ah, good. So, maybe we do have the same understanding of the word warm. 🙂

    I will be leaving New York today and returning to Florida where I am pretty sure I will find warmth. and probably some sun.

  18. Tim on #

    It’s pretty much the same in Brisbane. Hell, it’s been pretty much the same in Brisbane for the past three or four weeks.

    But it doesn’t bother me too much, I love rain (sometimes the humidity + heat does get to me though)!

  19. Julia Rios on #

    Cold and rainy, though the rain seems to have let up for the moment. Enjoy your warmth!

  20. Patrick on #

    Hey! It’s not that bad in NY today! I’m still leaving though.

  21. simmone on #

    it’s raining – our tank overfloweth – and today I got about in a mohair jumper of all things! This is not December.

  22. Nicholas Waller on #

    I am where it has been “pretty miserable, by and large” (ie grey, wet and cold), a brief radio weather report by John Humphreys subsequently discussed in this thread in Language Log this week. Tomorrow, though, it is going to be sunny but partially cloudy, about 5degC at midday with mist and fog later, and I am going to walk round the top of Cheddar Gorge (a place that, like River Avon and Sahara Desert, has two parts to its name that mean the same) and then go to the pub, where there will be a log fire, a real one made of burning wood, and hand-pumped beer from a local brewery.

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