In which I am naughty

I have a mountain of work, admin, packing, and correspondence to catch up on, but instead I am reading through my new favourite blog, Cake Wrecks, which I discovered via an old favourite blog, Jenny Davidson’s Light Reading. I’m sure all of you have been enjoying it for years. What can I say? I am slow.

So far it has led me to many pleasures but few top the delight of the world’s worst Dalek cakes. I confess that I laughed so hard I cried.

Then it led me to this. The making of the most incredible cake I have ever seen:

Apparently it took twelve days to make. Wow. Just wow.


  1. Stefanie on #


    Gah, bad misspelling!

  2. pixelfish on #

    For some reason the amazing cake picture isn’t showing up in my browser. But I was wondering if it was the Batman cake from a month or so back. Because that one was pretty cool.

    As for the poor Dalek cakes, yes, they are bad, but it is hard to make Daleks from food items. I once made Daleks from hardboiled eggs, pickles, and cucumber, and it was a pain getting the toothpicks to center correctly. Also, half way into its creation, it tried to kill me.

  3. Jessica on #

    Just to ease your mind, Cake Wrecks has only been existence since May. You’re only a few months behind! <3

  4. Justine on #

    Jessica: Only seven months behind. I feel so much better!

  5. Becky on #

    Cake Wrecks is an absolutely brilliant site! Truly!

  6. Stephanie Leary on #

    OMG, the Batman cake. The brackets on the drain pipe! The wee manhole cover! Amazing. But is it even edible after twelve days?

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