28th Hopes & Goals 7
27th Adults Reading YA 14
26th Jigsaws & Novels 5
23rd Goodbye Portland, Hello Austin! 12
21st Using My Power (Such That It Is) For Good 12
20th Written from the Road 31
18th Seattle, Portland, Austin 17
17th Writing Goals Redux (updated) 14
16th Guestblog on Teenreads 0
15th On Hating Female Characters 62
14th What I’m Doing This Friday 1
13th Don’t Panic About Blurbs 20
12th What’s Wrong with Hollywood? (updated) 19
11th Scott Westerfeld Talking About, Um, Me 12
10th Nashville Today 4
9th Memphis Rocks 3
8th Written While Packing 8
7th LIAR Tour Starts Tomorrow 14
6th Leviathan 7
5th Unmemorable Book Titles 21
4th Is it 4PM yet? 4
3rd Liar Spoiler Thread (updated) 108
2nd Too Many Books About NYC? 40
1st The Advantages of Being a White Writer 45


30th A Wish After Midnight 29
29th Liar and Paperback How To Ditch Your Fairy Release Day! 6
28th Problem Novels 16
27th Me & Stephenie Meyer Together! (on the same table) 5
26th Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t 47
25th What’s Age Got to Do with It? 14
24th My Life as a Rhombus 13
23rd Aussie & USian Winners of Liar Sightings Contest 4
23rd In Which I Apologise to Megan Crewe 6
22nd YA & Girls Playing Sport 34
21st Liar & Spoilers 14
20th More Questions About Liar & Other Things 5
19th Canadian Winner of Liar Sightings Contest 4
18th Liar Sightings Contest (updated x 4) 8
17th Another Day, Another Trailer . . . 8
16th Liar Trailer 9
15th In Which Me and Scalzi Lay Down the Law and then Realise that We’re Full of it 24
14th First Chapter of HTDYF, Read Aloud! 4
13th Liar Tour 27
10th Beginning of Liar, Read Aloud! 8
9th Condescending Reviews are Us (update) 36
8th Flygirl (update) 9
6th Who Hates Chocolate? (updated x 2) 62
5th US edition of Liar will publish on time 19
2nd My Silence 14


31st Electronic Readers, Post the Second 13