Canadian Winner of Liar Sightings Contest

Mary Kuna bought her copy of Liar at Westminster Books in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada but only found out about the Liar contest after she’d already taken the book home. But I decided to relax the contest rules because Liar debuted in Canada first. As you see this is not a photo of Liar in the book shop:

As someone who really hates having my photo taken I admire her strategy here. It’s something I’ve seen lots of people do with the cover of Uglies. In fact most covers that are faces1 lend themselves to the face swap out photo. I’m sure this is not the last one with the US Liar cover that I’ll see.

The Liar sightings contest remains open for those of you in Australia, New Zealand & the US of A. All you have to do is be the first in your country to take a photo of Liar at your local bookshop (or library if you happen to have an amazingly speedy library that gets new releases in as quickly as a bookshop does) and send it to me via email or via a comment here on the blog.

I’m assured that copies of Liar will start hitting shops in all three countries next week. Definitely by Wed in Australia and Thurs in New Zealand. So keep your eyes peeled.2

  1. Of which there are many in YAland. []
  2. But not in a scary way. Never think about potato peelers and eyes at the same time. *Shudder* []


  1. El on #

    [nitpick mode ON]
    I think you mean you’re sure this is not the last one you’ll see… You would already know whether it’s the first.
    [nitpick mode OFF]

  2. Justine on #

    Fixed. Thanks. Never apologise for being a good proofreader.

  3. Mare on #

    There’s lots of things to admire about Mary, such as her awesome t-shirt, and her two copies of How To Ditch Your Fairy that I intend to benefit from. 🙂 Go Maritimes!

  4. Mary K. on #

    Yeah, I think maybe I should do that in all photos of myself from now on. I’m not bad-looking in real life, but I’m definitely not photogenic. I didn’t realize until you posted this, though, that I’d been in such a hurry to take the photo I forgot to move those piles of clutter out of camera range. D’oh! The Indiana Jones Lego playset draped in half a garbage bag really lends ambience to my living room.

    Thanks in advance for the prize, and thanks for plugging Westminster!

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