More Questions About Liar & Other Things

I have created a Liar FAQ page on account of I’ve already gotten the same three questions many many times already and the book isn’t even officially out yet. If you have any more questions about the book feel free to ask them over there. And, yes, I have not answered the third questions in any detail that’s because I’m working on a whole post about it.

Some other questions I’ve gotten lately:

Q: Will you be posting a spoiler thread so that we can talk about Liar without having to be super careful about spoiling people?

A: Only one person has asked for this. If there seems to be a demand of more than one I’ll put up a Liar discussion post.

Q: Is your tour final? Is there any chance that other cities will be added?

A: It’s final, alas. Sorry!

Q: Will you be doing any new writing posts soon?

A: I have a number of writing posts in the works including one on writing dialogue and another on how Scrivener affected the writing of Liar. But I’m happy to listen to requests. Just check first to see if I’ve already covered it.

Q: Have there been any reviews of Liar yet?

A: There have been. You can find pull quotes and links to reviews here. I don’t blog reviews because I find it extremely dull. And if it bores me than I figure it will bore youse lot even worse.1

I’m happy to answer any further questions. But if it’s a spoilery question about Liar take it over to the FAQ.

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. (Or early Monday morning if you’re back home in Oz.)

  1. It’s blogging about reviews I find dull, not reading reviews. []


  1. Sally on #

    I’d like a place for LIAR spoilers. I’M DYING TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  2. Claudia on #

    I can’t wait for the Scrivner post. One of you earlier posts got me interested in it and I have since downloaded it, and I think it is fantastic. I am interested to hear more about how other people use it.

  3. Justine on #

    Sally & Diana: So that’s three of you who want a spoiler thread. Maybe after the book officially comes out I’ll set something up so the three of you can chat together.

    Claudia: I promise to post it before the end of the year, which is scary close.

  4. J.L. Martin on #

    Another woo hoo from me for a Scrivener post. I’m about to try the free trial. Thanks for mentioning it. I’d never heard of it before.

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