Liar Trailer

Just found out that my US publisher, Bloomsbury, together with BookSpots has put together a trailer for Liar:

Pretty good, eh? It kind of reminds me of late 1950s/early 1960s film credits. Feel free to share the link far and wide.

Is it just me or is this the year when book trailers are everywhere? My favourites so far are Scott‘s, Libba‘s, Robin‘s and Diana‘s. I also love Lauren‘s but it’s not live yet. Keep your eyes peeled.1

What do you think about the whole book trailer thing?rty od

  1. Or maybe don’t. Eyes peeled sounds so painful. []


  1. Kiera on #

    I can’t wait! The trailer looks amazing. Congrats, Justine!

  2. Shelly Rae Clift on #

    Very cool Justine, congrats. Another nifty book trailer is for Delia Sherman’s new book. I think Ellen scripted it.

  3. Stephanie Leary on #

    Oh, that does remind me of an old movie. I like it!

  4. claire on #

    I dig it! Also, I think since book trailers are everywhere, they’re finally starting to get good. Can’t resist the opp to plug a trailer I had a hand in making, this one for Brian Castro’s US debut “Shanghai Dancing”:

  5. Jon on #

    It’s a cool trailer, but if you’ve ‘just found out’, I’m guessing you weren’t consulted at all until it was done and dusted, which is interesting …

  6. Lauren on #

    V cool. Love it.

  7. Brittany Landgrebe on #

    Oh, this is so deliciously gorgeous I can’t stand it. I wish it were in my bookstore now! Ararharahrhagh!

    LOVE IT!

  8. Doret on #

    That is a good trailer. I like the mystery feel of it. Will Micah lie again and how did the boy die. And a lovely tag at end “You’ll Never See The Truth Coming”

  9. MissAttitude on #

    I agree w/ Doret, I love the tag “You’ll Never See the Truth Coming.” The trailer and book (obviously) look fantastic!
    I shall post it up when I review Liar 🙂

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