Another Day, Another Trailer . . .

Yesterday I shared the US trailer for Liar, today it’s time for the Australian Liar trailer:

Whatcha reckon? It’s difficult for me to say seeing as how that’s my words and my voice, and me and Scott shot some of the footage. I can say that I think the team at Allen & Unwin did an awesome job editing it all together. They’ve managed to make me sound smarter and more coherent than I actually am. Thank you.

Oh, and good news for those of you in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve been told that Liar‘s official release day is 28 September but it will probably start appearing in book shops from 23 Sept in Oz and 25 Sept in NZ. I.e. in less than a week. Colour me excited.


  1. Tashiana Hudson on #

    This is a great interview, but the other one is a better trialer.

    I so get what you’re saying about NY. I visited my sister there in August and it was so crowded I was getting homicidal. lol We eventually had this inside joke because no matter how crowded a street is, there’s always scaffolding because there building something. We started to say “Yea, there is definitely not enough stuff here. This definitely needs some more stuff. Definitely.”

    I mean seriously I saw that they had built benches in the middle of a random crosswalk! Who gets to the middle of the street and decides to sit down?!

  2. Mike on #

    Cool trailer! I can’t wait to get a copy for my school library. Luckily, I get to read it first!

  3. Julia Rios on #

    I really like this. I like the combination of interview style talking and pictures of the setting. It does its job as a trailer on me. I am even more interested in reading the book now than I was before.

    I’ve been thinking about book trailers and how to make them work, and I think one of the common mistakes is trying to model them on successful modern movie trailers. The trailers we have for movies now evolved out of sprawling (and often very boring) clips that gave away the whole plots of the movies they were trying to advertise, while also having annoying/condescending narration. It took years of trial and error before tight, interesting movie trailers became the standard. I think we’re going to have to deal with a lot of trial an error on book trailers, too, and I also think that no one particular formula will work for every book. You’ve got a good format for this book’s trailer, though.

  4. wingstodust on #

    Not directly related to the trailer you posted, but I was at my local Chapters the other day and they had Liar!! Read it the second I got home, finished it, and loved it. =D

    Oh! And I really love the US trailer. (I like the australian trailer too, but US would be my favourite). =D

  5. Justine on #

    Tashiana: Yes, it is a very different style of trailer but I think they’re both trailers in that it is there job to promote the book.

    Mike: You has a fast track to the good stuff, huh?

    Julia: I agree. Most of the book trailers that ape movie trailers are pretty bad. I’m still not sure about book trailers. I suspect the good ones do build buzz but more for the trailer than for the book.

    Wingstodust: Chapters? That’s in Canada, isn’t it? Congrats on getting one of the first copies of Liar! So glad you liked it!

  6. wingstodust on #

    oh yes! in canada!! lol Forgot to mention. Also, I lugged around my copy of Liar everywhere today as I couldn’t be parted with it, and I think I successfully convinced my friend to try the book out!! *is proud*

  7. Justine on #

    wingstodust: Awwwww.

  8. caitlin on #

    Love the Australian trailer — it made me miss NY. Though I’ve read Liar and loved it, I can’t wait to have the actual book with its new cover in my hands.

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