Written While Packing

I’ve received a lot of mail this week. Most of it asking the same question: “Could you tell me what really happens at the end of Liar?”

I have already answered that questions on the Liar FAQ. But I’ll answer it again: No, I won’t tell you what really happens. You have to figure it out for yourself. You can do so in some excellent company over here.

There are other questions about Liar I totally will answer. But only if you ask them over here.

I’m also being asked about the Liar tour:

Details can be found here.

Scott and me are only doing one event together and it’s in New York City at the beginning of November and also includes the likes of Libba Bray and Suzanne Collins.

There’s a rumour that Maureen Johnson may be live tweeting my event in Memphis tomorrow. If you have a twitter account maybe you should start following her. If you’re not already, which I assume you are.

Almost done with my packing. Should I take the cowboy boots? Or are they a bit much for Tennessee?


  1. angharad on #

    Geez of course they are not too much for Tennessee. TAKE the cowboy boots!

  2. Vania on #

    Looking forward to meeting you and attending your event in TN this Saturday! With MJ there I am sure you’ll have a blast!

    Now I go a-packin myself.

  3. Dave H on #

    That is the silliest thing you’ve ever posted. Of COURSE you take the boots!

  4. Julia Rios on #

    Seriously, take the boots.

  5. Andy on #

    We sometimes call it ‘NashVegas’; bring the boots.

  6. Cyndy Otty on #

    Why wouldn’t you want to bring the boots?! They are made of awesome, Tennesseeans will fall over in their jealousy.

    Have a good tour!

  7. cherie priest on #

    Absolutely wear your cowboy boots. People will love them. Because I said so 🙂

    (Wish I was there! But will try and catch you when you make Seattle…)

  8. ariel cooke on #

    Of course you should bring the boots! They’re perfect for Tennessee.

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