Today, as I’m sure you know, is the official release day of Scott Westerfeld‘s latest novel, Leviathan. I am completely biased about this book. As I am about Scott. He’s my husband, my best friend, my first reader, my ally, my So Many Things. We read and critique every word each other writes. His books are my books and vice versa. So, um, you can totally grain-of-salt what I’m about to say.

I think this trilogy is the best YA Scott has written.1 I’ve loved it ever since he first started talking about it five or more years ago. An alternative universe of Darwinists and Clankers. Message lizards! Whale airships! An aristocrat passing as a commoner, a girl passing as a boy. These are so many of my favourite things.

But best of all is Derryn Sharp the aforementioned girl passing as a boy so she can serve on an air ship. She’s smart, funny, warm, brave, wonderful and curses marvellously and inventively! Barking spiders, I adore her. Here is a speech she imagines while floating high above London having her air sense tested:

“Hey, all you sods, I can fly and you can’t! A natural airman, in case you haven’t noticed. And in conclusion, I’d like to add that I’m a girl and you can all get stuffed!”

I love her. I guarantee you will too.

And if a new book from Scott, which is way better than Uglies,2 isn’t enough for you. This one is illustrated with the most jaw dropingly fabulous art ever. Mr Keith Thompson is a genius.

There you have it: Leviathan is not only a wonderful story but a gorgeous object d’art. Just wait till you see the endpapers!

  1. I may be slightly jumping the gun because I’ve only read the first two books, Leviathan and Behemoth (which will be out this time next year). []
  2. Actually I think all Scott’s YA is better than the Uglies series. It’s my leave favourite of his. I still love it though. Just not as much. []


  1. Alex Hughes on #

    I happen to be an Uglies addict, though not to the extent as some of the creeper fans on his website. They pretty much freaked me out. So today I’m on a mission to aquire Leviathan, Liar, and How to Ditch Your Fairy. I’m not sure how I missed these marvelous sounding books, but I’m about to fix it. I’m excited =D

    BTW I just read your “how to write a novel” post an i think I may attepmt.
    I’m 17… but all I want to do is write.

  2. stacy on #

    Looking forward to reading it. I love steampunk and hope that this is the beginning of a YA trend. We don’t see much steampunk in younger fantasy.

  3. Amber on #

    Leviathan is a very close run with Peeps, for me.

    I think my favourite Derryn line is when she is trying to get the Huxley to panic, and bobs about shouting “I’ve gone insane and I’m keen to set myself on fire!”

  4. Pam Adams on #

    Cool-maybe he’ll sign it for me tomorrow!!!

  5. Justine W on #

    Wow. That map is gorgeous. But it’s apparently not in the UK version of the book! *Sulks*

  6. wandering-dreamer on #

    I have actually managed to find a bookstore in my town and plan to hit them up later this week to see if they have Liar or Leviathan. Yay for print bookstores!

  7. Clix on #

    So now I’m curious – what was your favorite work of his BEFORE this? (Obviously not Uglies!)

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