Me & Stephenie Meyer Together! (on the same table)

My wonderful publisher and editor at Allen & Unwin, Jodie Webster, sent me this pic from her local bookshop in Melbourne, Fairfield Bookshop, (which you’ll be shocked to hear is in Fairfield). I suspect it will be the only time that the pile of my books is bigger than Stephenie Meyer’s! But, hey, I’ll take it while it lasts. Maybe the proximity will rub off on my sales. I can hope, right?

In other news we almost had a NZ winner of the Liar sightings contest. She even had to make them open up a box to get her Liar sighting. Fortunately for my readers in NZ, it was my sister, who’s working in Wellington for Weta.1 Niki already gets enough free copies of my books so the contest is still open for New Zealanders. All you have do is take a photo of Liar in the wild. Either email it to me or link to it in a comment. Good luck!

  1. Yes, she’s the glamorous one in the family. []


  1. supergee on #

    I hope there’s no such thing as Contagious Sparkle.

  2. Justine on #

    Hey! I sparkle on the inside. I don’t need to catch sparkle from anyone else.

  3. Megan on #

    Your books kick Meyer’s book arse’s anyday, Justine!

  4. Clix on #

    And FACE-UP no less, rather than spine-out! How absolutely lovely for you 😀

  5. Justine on #

    Megan: Now, now. No dissing living authors. Meyer’s brought a lot of pleasure to millions of readers. She’s also a large part of why YA is booming. She’s been absolutely tremendous for my genre and I love her for it.

    Clix: I know. I was dead happy.

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