Aussie & USian Winners of Liar Sightings Contest

The winner from the US of A, Carrie, found Liar at the Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts1. Here it is:

Our Australian winner is Emma of Canberra who picked up her copy at her local Borders in Canberra. She reports that she found it on the “Borders Recommends shelf in YA. (Prominently displayed at eye level no less!)” And here is Emma with a copy of Liar:

Congrats to you both!

The Liar sightings contest is not over yet. Our New Zealand friends still have to claim a prize when they send photographic evidence of Liar in a Kiwi book shop. Sources at Allen & Unwin say it should start showing up there on the 25th of September.

So there you have it, if you’re keen to grab a copy of Liar in Australia, Canada and the US of A it should now be possible for you to do so.

  1. Why, yes, I did have to look up out to spell that. []


  1. Julia Rios on #

    Ooh, maybe I will go over to the Harvard Bookstore tomorrow…

  2. Harriet on #

    Dymocks in George St (Sydney) had a whole bunch of copies today.

  3. Alex on #

    I’m so unsure how to feel that I recognised that as the Canberra Borders on sight.

    Ah well, I’m going down to Canberra next week, so I should hopefully be able to convince my mother to buy it for me. (Especially as she just finished and loved How To Ditch Your Fairy, and was enquiring after the rest of your books. 🙂 )

  4. Doret on #

    Liar has made its way to Atlanta, GA. Can’t wait to read it. There are so many great MG/YA books coming out now.

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