In Which I Apologise to Megan Crewe

Several months ago, the agent Kristin Nelson got in contact with me via my agent to ask if I would take a look at the debut novel of one of her clients with a view to blurbing it. I agreed to do so, mostly because I love Nelson’s blog, but warned that I rarely blurb cause I only do so when I’m excited about a book. I am picky.

But the book—Megan Crewe’s Give Up the Ghost—hit all my sweet spots. For starters it was a ghost story. I adore a good ghost story. Secondly, it wasn’t the same old, same old ghost story. It surprised me. It was fresh, original and sweet and I cried when it ended. So, yeah, I blurbed it.

Yesterday, was the release day for Give Up the Ghost so in order to let people know that a really beautiful and moving ghost story is now available for them to read, I tweeted it. Unfortunately, I had not had a good night’s sleep. In my first tweet I got Megan’s name and the name of her book wrong. In my second corrective tweet I got only the name of her book wrong. Aarrgh.

I would like to hereby formally apologise to Megan Crewe, who I’ve never met, but might be wondering how someone as hopeless as me can even manage to tie up her own shoe laces. (Hey, I wonder that too.) I am so sorry, Megan! Your book is wonderful and did not deserve me mangling both your name and its name.

Now, everyone, run out and get yourself a copy.


  1. eric luper on #

    JL said: “…might be wondering how someone as hopeless as me can even manage to tie up her own shoe laces. (Hey, I wonder that too.)”

    This is why said clueless author bought her wicked cool boots!

  2. Megan Crewe on #

    Thank you so much for the shout-out for GHOST, Justine! No apology necessary — these things happen to the best of us (of which you are one 🙂 ).

  3. Justine on #

    Eric: Heh. There’s a reason hardly any of my footwear has laces.

    Megan: Still, it was very embarrassing. Happy having your first book out in the world week!

  4. Yvette on #

    You crack me up, Justine. Your rave about the book has made me do exactly as you suggested … run and order a copy. Thanks. And congrats on Liar. Fabulous news.

  5. Mary K. on #

    I saw this in stores and thought it looked interesting. This clinches it; I’m definitely going to buy it now.

  6. Sarah Rees Brennan on #

    I wave an excited flag for Megan: I am counting down the days until I will be in a US shop where I can buy her book!

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