Is it 4PM yet?

I have a mountain of work to get through before I head out on tour. But all I can think about is the third game of the WNBA finals, which takes place in Indianapolis today at 4PM (US Eastern time). So far this has been the best WNBA finals series I’ve ever seen and I’ve been following the WNBA since 2000.

The two best teams in the league, Indiana and Phoenix are battling it out. Indiana is renowned for their defense and Phoenix for their offense. Though both teams have been proving in this series that they’re not exactly slouches at the other end.

They’ve won one game each both played in Phoenix. The first game was the highest scoring game in WNBA history 120 to 116 (Phoenix won). The second was every bit as exciting (Indiana got the win). The third game will have a crowd of at least 18,000. Last I heard they were just shy of a sellout.

I don’t have a favourite in this series. I like Indiana a lot. I’m a huge fan of Tamika Catchings and Tully Bevilaqua (an Aussie, don’t you know) and Ebony Hoffman has totally won me over, not just because of her awesome play, but also because of how smart and funny she is in post game interviews. And Briann January is a hell of a rookie.

But Phoenix also has an Aussie, Penny Taylor, who’s just astonishing. I think her absence in the second half of the second game is a big part of why Phoenix lost. Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi are two of the best players in women’s basketball. Taurasi is the current Most Valuable Player of the WNBA. Then there’s Tangela Smith and Dewanna Bonner. I love Phoenix’s style of play. Run and gun, take no time outs, except for injury.

So, no, I don’t know who I’m going for. They’re both great teams. It would be gorgeous for Indiana to win it’s first championship, but I’ll be happy no matter what happens.

Is it 4PM yet?


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  2. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    *Is proud of Phoenix*

    I don’t have a sports brain, but my niece does and she helps me appreciate how cool it is that our home team is awesome.

  3. Justine on #

    WNBA Gal: It was most excellent. Now we have to wait till Wednesday till game 4. That’s SO far away. I’m not sure I’ll last.

    Mary Elizabeth: Your niece is wise and good.

  4. Lindsay F on #

    Speaking of your tour – on Saturday you will be in Nashville, hooray! I plan on being at your talk at 2, but have to duck out a few minutes early. Would it be possible to have you sign a copy of Liar for me before your talk? I wouldn’t ask except I have to pick up some authors at 3:00 and take them back to the airport which makes it impossible for me to be at your signing 🙁 Please please oh pretty please with sugar and cherries on top??

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